Tips and tricks how to skillfully remove old tiles

When you decide to renovate your house, apartment, etc. other space, in addition to the initial planning, the practical part of it needs to be addressed. The practical part of the reconstruction begins with the demolition phase, during which the…

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How to sharpen a diamond blade on your own?

You often ask us how to revive a dull diamond wheel when it doesn’t want to cut anymore? One option is to have the blade professionally sharpened. But what if you are currently working on the construction site, there is no time to waste

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Drilling into tiles or tiles? No problem

In the article you will learn how to choose the right drill bit and not to be afraid to drill a hole even in tiles. This avoids unnecessary problems with cracked tiles or scratched tiles.

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How to choose the right trowel for a tiler?

An article on the different types and sizes of RUBI trowels and a short description on how to choose the right one. Probably every tiler has found himself in a situation where he couldn’t decide between two or more tools

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