DISTAR MECHANIC SLIDER 90 125 (Ref: 19568442010)


Preparation DISTAR from the Mechanic series for precise and high-quality cutting of tile edges at 90° angle; designed for angle grinders with blade Ø 125 mm; Ref: 19568442010

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DISTAR MECHANIC SLIDER 90 125 is a professional tool (preparation) designed for cutting tile edges at an angle of 90°. This tool makes it easier to achieve perfectly precise and high-quality edges. Setting up the preparation and fixing the angle grinder is quick and easy. Smooth and precise sliding on the tile is ensured by the sliding surfaces. It has an adjustable depth of cut. The tool has a metal construction ready for attachment of various angle grinders. It is also suitable for large format tiles.

In addition to a higher quality of work, it reduces fatigue at work, increases efficiency and saves time and material. An angle grinder with a blade Ø 125 mm must be mounted in the preparation.

Technical parameters:

  • Edge angle: 90°
  • Blade diameter: 125 mm


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