DISTAR Baumesser Centrum PRO 2.0 holder for polishing pads, Ø 100 mm (Ref: 90115129011)

Distar Baumesser Centrum PRO 2.0

The Distar pad holder for mounting polishing discs. Diameter: 100 mm; Mounting: M14; Aluminium construction. Ref: 90115129011

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Distar Centrum PRO 2.0 pad holder

The DISTAR Baumesser Centrum PRO 2.0 is a polishing pad holder, for attaching polishing pads to an angle grinder. It has an aluminum construction, which gives it strength and durability. A high quality Velcro fastener secures the polishing pads. There is a centering pin protruding in the center of the disc, which ensures perfect centering of the pad without shifting during polishing. The holder is mounted to the angle grinder by an M14 thread. It has a diameter of 100 mm.

Technical parameters:

  • aluminium holder for polishing pads
  • Holder diameter: 100 mm
  • Max. 3500 rpm.
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