DISTAR MECHANIC CoolGEL 250 gel for cooling diamond drill bits (Ref: 89568442039)

Distar Mechanic CoolGEL

DISTAR’s gel is designed to cool diamond drill bits during drilling. It also cleans the drilling site. Packing: 250 g for 20-25 holes. Ref: 89568442039

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DISTAR MECHANIC CoolGEL is designed for cooling diamond drill bits and cleaning during tile drilling. The gel binds dust and other particles during drilling to prevent them from becoming airborne. The result is a cleaner drill site compared to dry drilling or water cooling. At the same time, there is efficient cooling of the drill bit that is comparable to water cooling. This increases drilling speed and maintains high drill bit life. After drilling, the drilling site is simply wiped clean and remains clean and dry. Due to its thick consistency, it can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It works best for drill bits up to 35 mm in diameter. The gel is supplied in a 250 g container, which is sufficient for approximately 20-25 holes. Its main ingredient is water, so it is completely safe for health, even if it gets on human skin.


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