Set of guides for circular cutter RUBI TC-125 G2 (Ref: 51949)

Set of guides for RUBI TC-125 G2

Set of guides and accessories for RUBI TC-125 G2 circular cutter, for cutting tiles, ideal for large-format tiles. Max. cutting lenght: 320 cm; 3 guides, suction cups, clamps, bag. Ref: 51949

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The set includes all accessories for the RUBI TC-125 G2 cutter. It is designed for dry and wet cutting of ceramic and porcelain tiles and tiles made of natural and artificial stones as well as large-format tiles. The set includes 3 profiled guides allowing cutting of tiles up to 320 cm long, 2 fixing clamps, 2 suction cups and a fabric bag for easier carrying and storage of the guides and accessories. Thanks to this set in combination with the RUBI TC-125 G2 cutter, cutting will be even better and faster, even with large-format tiles. The design of the guides and suction cups not only gives you more comfort when cutting, but also more precise and smoother cuts.

Technical parameters:

  • Max. cutting length: 320 cm
  • 2x guide 155 cm long
  • 1x guide 65 cm long


Video tutorial on how to achieve the best quality cut:

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