RUBI Handling system SLIM EASY TRANS PLUS (Ref. 18976)

RUBI system for easier handling of large format tiles. Max. load capacity: 80 kg. Max. length: 320 cm. Ref. 18976

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The RUBI SLIM EASY TRANS PLUS handling system is the latest version of the system for transferring large format tiles. Allows for more convenient carrying of large and thin tiles up to 320 cm in length and weighing max. 80 kg. This system can be used as a complement to the SLIM CUTTER (Ref. 18911).

Improvements over the previous version:

aluminium reinforced arms
new handles with non-slip finish
Increased load capacity 80 kg (up to 110 kg with crossbar set)
EASY FIX system for faster work
new vacuum suction cups with higher load capacity

Contents of the package:

2 adjustable arms from 170 cm to 320 cm
6 suction cups

The handling system is compatible with the following products:

RUBI SLAB System Workbench (Ref. 18935)
RUBI SLAB System work trolley (Ref. 18934)
RUBI cross bar set for SLIM EASY TRANS System (Ref. 18819)


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