Paving cutter RUBI TZ – 1550 (Ref. 17954)

Max. length of cut: 155 cm. Cutting thickness: 3 – 21 mm.

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The RUBI TZ – 1550 professional tile cutter has a cutting length of up to 155 cm. Cutting thickness up to 21 mm. The high strength of the material ensures a breaking force of up to 1500 kg with one hand. The cutter has two wheels fixed on it for better handling. The weight of this cutter is 31.5 kg. The good disassembly of the cutter ensures better relocation and storage. The cutter is designed for all types of ceramic tiles.

The package includes cutting wheels SILVER PLUS Ø 8 mm and EXTREME PLUS Ø 22 mm and a textile bag for easy carrying of the cutter.

Technical parameters:

Straight cut length: 1550 mm
Diagonal cut – max. paving dimension: 1100 x 1100 mm
Max. Material thickness: 3 – 21 mm
Breaking force: 1500 kg
Cutter weight: 31,5 kg

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