RUBI Paving cutter SPEED – 62 MAGNET with case (Ref. 14988)

Cut length: 62 cm. Cutting thickness up to 15 mm.

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The high-quality RUBI SPEED – 62 MAGNET paving cutter has a sophisticated magnet system that can be operated with one hand. It is suitable for more demanding work. The cutter is designed so that the cutting point is perfectly visible. Cutting length is 62 cm. The maximum thickness of the material to be cut is 15 mm. It is also suitable for cutting diagonally up to a material size of 44 x 44 cm. The breaking force is 800 kg. The weight of the cutter is 8 kg with the plastic case is 11.5 kg. It is designed for frequent cutting of all types of ceramic tiles. The robust aluminium relo cutter is characterised by its lightness and ease of maintenance.

Technical parameters:

Straight cut length: 620 mm
Diagonal cut – max. paving dimension: 440 x 440 mm
Max. material thickness: 3 – 15 mm
Breaking force: 800 kg
Cutter weight: 8 kg
Weight of cutter with case: 11,5 kg

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