KAUFMANN Tile Cutter TopLine Standard 720 (Ref. 10.830.03)

Cut length: 720 mm, Diagonal cut: 500 x 500 mm, Max. material thickness: 16 mm.

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KAUFMANN TopLine Standard professional bearing cutter. Suitable for tiles, slabs and mosaics made of stoneware, porcelain and glass.

Technical parameters:

Straight cut length: 720 mm
Diagonal cut – max. paving dimension: 500 x 500 mm
Max. material thickness: 16 mm
Breaking force: 1000 kg
Suspended tables: YES
Wheel diameter: 22 mm
Cutter weight: 16.1 kg

Advantages of KAUFMANN TopLine STANDARD paving cutters
– Excellent cushioned table system .
Cutting head mounted on bearings that ensure absolutely precise movement during cutting.
– The runner is equipped with a system of arresting during the transfer of the cutter.
– The workbench has a rubberized surface for a stable tile position.
– The cover of the breaker is fitted with a plastic protective handle to protect the pavement from scratches during breaking.
– The standard ruler allows cutting at 45° and 90° angles and is shaped to allow breaking of thin strips.
– The cutter is equipped with a PROFI cutting wheel with a diameter of 22 mm included in the price.


– The red protective breaker handles are recommended for use only when cutting sensitive glazed tiles,
– never use oil to clean the cutter. The oil will mix with the dust and cause the bearings to seize.

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