RUBI Diamond disc TVA 85 SUPERPRO MINI VIPER for hard materials (Ref. 32951)

Diamond blade for dry cutting of the hardest materials such as granite, rustic tile, clinker, slate and porcelain. Especially suitable for shorter cuts. Diameter: 85 mm; Hole: 22,2 mm; Segment height: 10 mm; Segment thickness: 1,5 mm. Ref: 32951

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The RUBI TVA 85 SUPERPRO MINI VIPER diamond disc stands out thanks to its smaller diameter, only 85 mm. It is therefore suitable for cutting shorter and more complex cuts, e.g. for cutting square holes for sockets or switches. It is designed for direct cutting of the toughest materials such as granite, rustic tile, clinker, refractory, slate and porcelain. The specially designed shape of the cutting segments and the use of laser technology in the manufacturing process provide you with high cutting speed while maintaining high cut quality and long service life. The blade is designed for dry cutting in the toughest conditions. The blade is not suitable for angled cuts – for JOLLY edges!

Technical parameters:

Disc diameter: 85 mm
Inner diameter: 22,2 mm
Segment height: 10 mm
Segment thickness: 1.5 mm
Max. RPM: 19 000 rpm.

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