DISTAR diamond blade 1A1R 100 ELEGANT (Ref: 10115029020)

Diamond cutting blade DISTAR 100 ELEGANT

DISTAR diamond cutting blade with Ø 100 mm. It is designed for finishing work, for glazed tiles, it has a very high quality cut. Diameter: 100 mm; Shaft diameter: 22,23 mm; Segment thickness: 1,2 mm; Dry cutting. Ref: 10115029020

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The DISTAR 100 ELEGANT diamond blade is ideal for finishing cutting even difficult tiles and materials (e.g. glazed tiles, mosaics). The blade has a diameter only 100 mm, which makes it very precise and it has minimal vibration. It has the highest cut quality of the DISTAR diamond blades. It is also suitable for cutting glazed tiles without creating splinters. The blade is designed for angle grinders, for dry cutting at 90°.

Technical parameters:

  • Blade diameter: 100 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 22,23 mm
  • Segment thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Segment height: 10 mm
  • Dry cutting
  • Max. RPM: 15050 rpm.


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