DISTAR diamond blade DGM-S 100 M14 HARD CERAMICS – grain 100 (Ref: 17483522005)

Diamond grinding blade DISTAR DGM-S 100 M14 HARD CERAMICS

Diamond grinding blade DISTAR with Ø 100 mm. It is designed for finer grinding of gres and ceramic tiles. Diameter: 100 mm; Centre hole: M14; Grit: 100; Dry grinding. Ref: 17483522005

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The DISTAR DGM-S HARD CERAMICS diamond blade is designed for grinding gres and ceramic tiles at a 90° or 45° angle. It has a grain size of 100 and is designed for finer grinding. A special segment bevelled around the perimeter and divided into a honeycomb shape ensures smooth and fast grinding. The thin steel core improves the handling of the blade. The blade has a diameter of 100 mm. Designed for angle grinders with M14 attachment, dry grinding. Before grinding with this blade, we also recommend using the DISTAR DGM-S HARD CERAMICS blade with grain 60, which is designed for coarser grinding.

Technical parameters:

  • Blade diameter: 100 mm
  • Mounting to grinder: M14
  • Grain size: 100
  • Dry grinding
  • Max. RPM: 12050 rpm.


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