SOLGA Diamond grinding wheel 2-row, 125 mm STD-2 (Ref. 53122125)

Diameter 125 mm. Clamping M14.

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The diamond grinding wheel SOLGA DIAMANT is 2-row with 20 segments. Segments with greater length remove building materials more easily even in difficult conditions. Mounting of the grinding wheel is by means of M14 thread. Designed for grinding concrete, screed and adhesive after construction work before laying new paving. Quickly removes dried building materials. The blade has high quality and efficiency in removing waste from the floor. The diameter of the blade is 125 mm. The manufacturer Solga Diamant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, which guarantees the high quality of diamond blades.

Technical parameters:

Wheel diameter: 125 mm
Clamping M14
Number of segments: 20

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