PARTNERSITE Working headlamp LSR5HF (Ref. 16102)

Working headlamp with LED designed for harsh conditions. Power: 5 W; Max. 290 lm; 6 light modes; Power: battery; Light duration: 3.5 – 25 h. Ref: 16102

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Partnersite LSR5HF is a durable working headlamp designed for harsh conditions such as. on construction sites, in industrial buildings, workshops or garages. It is suitable for work area lighting during assembly or repair work. It uses SMD LED technology, which gives it a luminous flux of 290 lumens with a temperature of 6000 Kelvin (cool white) at an input power of 5 W. It is powered by an integrated battery that can be charged via the microUSB port. The headlamp provides 6 light modes with luminous flux from 1.7 to 290 lumens. The illumination time depends on the selected mode and ranges from 3.5 to 25 hours (at 100% luminous flux – 3.5 hours). The headlamp has the possibility of switching on the motion sensor and adjusting the inclination of the light. Also included are 4 grips for attachment to a work helmet and a wool blend headband for a more comfortable fit.

The headlamp meets the IP54 degree of protection.

Technical parameters

Max. Power: 5 W
Luminous flux by mode: 1.7, 35, 140, 270, 290 lm
Illumination time: 25, 14.5, 10.5, 5, 3.5 hrs.
Power supply: battery
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
Charging connector: microUSB
Charging time: 4 hours
Light temperature: 6000 K (cool white)
Helmet grips and a more comfortable headband included
Motion sensor
Degree of protection: IP54
LED module lifetime: 15 000 hrs.
LED module warranty: 3 years

Lighting modes:

Full power – concentrated light + two edge diodes
Concentrated focused light
Concentrated light – 50% output
Scattered light (only the two outermost diodes are lit)
Red warning light
Warning flashing light

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