RUBI Tile Cutter TX-1250 MAX (Ref. 17921)

Professional hand-held ceramic tile cutter. Max. cutting length: 1250 mm; Max. tile size for diagonal cut: 850 x 850 mm; tile thickness: 3 – 21 mm; weight: 26 kg. Ref: 17921

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The RUBI TX-1250 MAX handheld cutter is designed for demanding and intensive cutting of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and sintered tiles (gres). Durable steel construction, high-performance and adjustable multi-point cutting and breaking mechanism with a breaking force of up to 1200 kg ensure a clean cut for tiles up to 21 mm thick. The breaker can also be used with protection so that it does not leave marks on some tile surfaces. Thanks to the design of the aluminium cutting head and the 30 mm diameter steel bars, you will always be able to see your cut clearly and at the same time it will always be precise. The cutter includes a handy ruler that can be easily adjusted to the desired angle based on a prepared angle template in the base of the cutter. For cutting large format tiles, the cutter is equipped with 4 adjustable side supports. The side stop for straight and 45° repeating cuts can be used on both sides of the ruler. A rubberised handle with one-handed cutting and breaking control and cushioned tables contribute to improved ergonomics and speed of work. Handling the cutter is easier thanks to the wheels and the pull handle. The cutter is supplied in a plastic case and with a set of 8 and 22 mm cutting wheels.

Technical parameters:

Max. Cutting length: 1250 mm
Max. tile size for diagonal cut: 850 x 850 mm
Thickness of cut. Material (mm): 3-21 mm
Cutting direction: pushing
Weight: 26 kg
Breaking force: 1200 kg
Package includes: carrying case, 8 and 22 mm cutting wheel
2 side supports


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