Manual tile cutter BATTIPAV SINTESI 163 (Art: 40163)

Professional aluminium manual tile cutter BATTIPAV. Cutting method: pushing. Max cutting length: 1630 mm. Max. 1152 x 1152 mm. Tile thickness: 4 – 21 mm. Weight: 33 kg. Art: 40163

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Professional aluminium tile cutter BATTIPAV SINTESI is designed for diagonal and straight cuts of ceramic and porcelain tiles with the “PUSHING” system. The body of the cutter is made of durable aluminium, which guarantees first-class strength while maintaining a light weight. The cutting head with 9 ball bearings ensures easy gliding and the highest precision cuts. The tile breaker uses magnetic control and a plastic anti-scratch guard. The goniometric ruler is made from a single piece of high strength aluminium. Side supports make it easy to cut even large format tiles. Cushioned tables are standard. The cutter has transport wheels and a handle for easier carrying.

Technical data:

  • Cutting length: 1630 mm
  • Max. tile size for diagonal cut: 1152 x 1152 mm
  • Cutting thickness: 4 – 21 mm
  • Scoring wheel dimensions: Ø22 x 6.1 x 4.7 mm
  • Scoring wheel in the package
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Package dimensions: 2096 x 454 x 340 mm

Description of features and functions:

Battipav SINTESI carriage Cutting carriage with magnetic breaker for easy gliding and precise cuts. The breaker has plastic protection against scratching the tiles. Thanks to the magnetic breaker, cutting is quick and easy, in 1 step.
Battipav SINTESI ball bearings The cutting carriage moves on 9 ball bearings, which guarantee smooth running and highest precision.
Battipav SINTESI construction The aluminium construction guarantees high strength, durability and acceptable weight of the cutter.
Battipav SINTESI side supports The side supports are very practical when cutting large format tiles.
Battipav SINTESI ruler The one-piece aluminium ruler allows fast and precise adjustment of cutting angles. The ruler’s numerical markings are angled towards the tiler for the easiest possible reading. The ruler can be locked at an angle for diagonal cuts. Allows for quick repeat cuts.
Battipav SINTESI height adjustment The cutter allows you to adjust the height of the guide bar for the best result with different tile thicknesses.
Battipav SINTESI replacement scoring wheel The manualcutter has a storage compartment for the scoring wheel with a lug.
Battipav SINTESI breaking line Stainless steel breaking linefor long life with protection against damage of tile edges.
Battipav SINTESI wheels The wheels and handle make it easy to carry.



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