RUBI RADIUS 5 Diamond grinding wheel for RUBI PRO-EDGER (Ref. 16957)

Diamond grinding wheel for RUBI PRO-EDGER; for finishing tile edges; 5 mm diameter circle shape; Ref. 16957

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The RUBI RADIUS 5 diamond grinding wheel is designed for the RUBI PRO-EDGER tile edge grinder. Thanks to the very fine diamonds, it is used for finishing the edge of the tile, to achieve a smooth and precise edge of the tile in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 5 mm. It is designed for dry grinding of porcelain, natural or artificial stone tiles. It contains high quality diamonds with a very precise profile. The recommended grinding speed is 9000 – 12000 per minute.

The RUBI TURBO TWIST disc (Ref. 16984) is suitable for fast and coarse edge grinding.

Technical parameters:

Max. Tile thickness: 5 mm
Speed: 9000 – 12000 per minute

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