EDMA Standing frame polystyrene cutter 1320×330 (Ref. 266555)

Cutting thickness 330 mm. Cutting length 1320 mm.

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The table polystyrene cutter from the French manufacturer EDMA with a maximum cutting length of 1370 mm is characterised by its lightness and precision design. It enables both straight and diagonal cutting of EPS and XPS polystyrene with a maximum density of 40 kg/m³. The cutter works on the principle of heating the cutting wire, which then cuts through the insulating material without creating waste. The cutter works with 230 V and is easily portable thanks to its light weight. Possible cutting of polystyrene into rectangular, angled and bevelled versions.

Technical parameters:

Cutting thickness: 330 mm
Maximum length of cut polystyrene: 1320 mm
Maximum width of cut polystyrene: 1550 mm
Cutting range: 0-90°
Anodised aluminium parts, wire tension springs made of stainless steel
Oblique cuts: 15 – 90°
Including 2 spare wires
Powerful safety transformer with circuit breaker (thermal fuse): 40 V / 200 W / 230 V 50/60 Hz
Cutting wire temperature: 350°C
Weight: 27.4 kg

Order Number: 266555

We recommend using only the manufacturer’s wires for polystyrene cutters. The use of unsuitable resistance wire can lead to damage of the cutter!


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