RUBI Diamond abrasive sponge 60 (Ref. 61974)

Grit 60 for roughening. Size 58 x 94 x 30 mm. Packing 1 pcs

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The RUBI 60 diamond grinding sponge is used for hand grinding or roughening of natural stone and ceramic tiles. The sponge with grit 60 is designed for surface roughening. Grit 60 is the coarsest among the sponges. The sponge is easy to use and adapts to the builder’s hand. To achieve a good result you need to consider the type of material and its condition.

Surface grinding can be carried out dry or wet. The range of abrasive and polishing sponges is supplied in different grits for carrying out a variety of finishing tasks. It is advisable to start with a sponge with a larger grain up to the smallest. When sanding or polishing, we recommend always moving from the top (most visible) to the bottom.

Technical parameters:

Grit size: 60
Dimensions: 58 x 94 x 30 mm
Packing: 1pc

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