RUBI Suction cup GSC-200 with vacuum pump (Ref. 21951)

The RUBI suction cup with vacuum pump is designed for handling heavy materials with different types of surfaces. Diameter: 200 mm. Load capacity: 110 kg. Ref: 21951

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The RUBI GSC-200 vacuum pump suction cup with a diameter of 200 mm is ideal for loading and handling heavy materials regardless of the type of surface finish. The suction cup diameter of 20 cm is also suitable for handling large format tiles or ceramic slabs with a maximum weight of 110 kg. The suction cup is made of a special rubber that prevents light-coloured tiles from getting dirty.

The suction cup has an ergonomic handle with a vacuum pump that can be operated with one finger and is equipped with a safety mark that indicates the loss of vacuum and the need to re-pump. The suction cup also has a manual pressure release valve for easy release of the suction cup from the material being handled. The suction cup is sold in a practical carrying case to protect it during transport.

Technical parameters:

Diameter: 200 mm
Load capacity: 110 kg

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