RUBI Leveling wedge Delta N – 200 pcs (Ref. 03953)

Set of levelling wedges RUBI DELTA N. Reusable. Pack of 200 pcs. Ref: 03953

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Levelling wedges are one of the accessories of the RUBI Delta Levelling System. The wedges are reusable, saving you time and money. The function of the wedge is to apply pressure to the freshly laid tile using a clip and pliers, to align it with the surrounding tiles and prevent it from shifting. The package contains 200 wedges.

The new generation of Delta N wedges has a redesigned shape:

  • rounded shape of the wedge at the top for less stress on the buckle
  • chamfered teeth for more even pressure distribution and increased durability
  • chamfering of the edges of the wedge for less stress on the buckle
  • rounded at the back for greater comfort when pushing the wedge into the buckle
  • Arrow-shaped front design for easier insertion of the wedge into the buckle
  • new wedge heel shape for better pressure distribution and compatibility with future tools
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