RUBI SLIM breaker (Ref. 18917)

The tile breaker is used for fixing large format tiles and their separation, tile thickness 8 mm and more, min. width of separated particles 4 cm. Ref: 18917

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The breaker is used to hold the end of the paving firmly in place in case you need to cut narrow strips. It evenly distributes the force on the tile and thus prevents unwanted breakage. The breaker (separator) is an addition to the range of special tools for cutting (Slim cutter) and handling (Slim EasyTrans) ceramic tiles and is part of the “SLIM System”. It is designed for separating large format Slim tiles with a thickness greater than 8 mm (up to 15 mm). The breaker can be adjusted for different tile thicknesses and different pressure patterns (uniform, expanding and symmetrical). The minimum width of the separated parts of the tile is 4 cm. For long tiles, 2 breakers can be used simultaneously, each at one end of the tile. You can read more about the RUBI Slim System in our blog.

Features of the breaker:
Ergonomic SOFT GRIP handle for more comfortable work
Steel design
Weight : 1,5 kg
Dimensions (lxw): 230 x 180 mm

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