DISTAR Baumesser CLICK-LOCK UNI for polishing pads (Ref: 79568442018)


The tool DISTAR from the Baumesser range allows the quick and easy attachment of the holder for polishing pads to the cutting blade mounted on the angle grinder; without the need to disassemble the cutting blade. Ref: 79568442018

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DISTAR Baumesser CLICK-LOCK UNI is a simple tool, holder for polishing pads. It is designed for a simple attaching polishing pads to the angle grinder. It is special in that it mounts directly to the diamond cutting blade mounted in the angle grinder. With this tool, you no longer need multiple grinders for cutting and polishing, nor do you need to perform complicated cutting or polishing disc changes. By simply moving and fixing the tool, you change the cutting function to polishing and vice versa. The holder is fixed to the cutting disc by magnets. It has a precisely designed shape so that it is always correctly centred. It is made of plastic with Velcro fastener for attaching the polishing pads. For the correct functioning of the tool, it is necessary that the shaft of the angle grinder protrudes at least 12 mm above the cutting blade.

Technical parameters:

  • Holder for polishing pads
  • Blade diameter: 100 mm
  • Max. 3500 rpm.



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