RUBI Diamond wheel CPC 180 PRO for porcelain (Ref. 30955)

RUBI diamond wheel for wet cutting of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Disc diameter: 180 mm. Bore: 22.2-25.4 mm. Ref. 30955

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The CPC PRO diamond blade from RUBI with a diameter of 180 mm is designed for cutting hard materials such as porcelain and ceramic tiles up to a thickness of 25 mm. These are very challenging for precision cutting. The blade is characterized by a very fine cut even in very hard materials, such as e.g. porcelain. The disc can be mounted on the shaft with diameters of 22,23 and 25,4 mm by means of a press-fit circlip. The PRO blade provides the best ratio between performance and price. Cutting requires cooling the blade with water or coolant. This results in longer blade life. The disc is suitable for straight cuts and also for cuts at an angle of 45°, so called. jolly.

After removing the circlip, the disc can only be used for a shaft diameter of 25.4 mm. Re-installation of the ring on the disc is not possible.

Technical parameters:

Disc diameter: 180 mm
Inner diameter: 22,23 – 25,4 mm
Segment height: 7 mm
Segment thickness: 1.7 mm
Max. speed: 8500 rpm.

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