SIMA Diamond disc 125/22,2 PREMIUM extra thin (Ref. R-6902125)

SIMA diamond blade specially designed for thin and clean dry cuts. Diameter: 125 mm. Bore: 22.23 mm. Segment height: 10 mm. Segment thickness: 1.4 mm. Ref: R-6902125

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The SIMA 125/22,2 PREMIUM blade with reinforced core and a circumferential thickness of 1,4 mm is specially designed for thin and clean cuts. Designed for cutting all types of porcelain, ceramics and gres. Dry cutting. The blade is cooled by the air flow during rotation, which passes through the teeth and holes of the blade. The blade body as well as the segments must be able to absorb the high temperatures produced during cutting and the diamonds must have a high quality of workmanship to withstand the harsh working conditions.

Dry cutting wheels cut better when cooling is adequate. This means that cutting is of better quality if it is done in short intermittent steps in a continuous rhythm. The fundamental mistake is to increase the pressure to improve/accelerate the cutting. Insufficient cooling will cause the blade to overheat, turn purple and decrease cutting performance.

Technical parameters:

Wheel diameter: 125 mm
Inner diameter: 22,23 mm
Segment height: 10 mm
Segment thickness: 1.4 mm

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