BATTIPAV Diamond disc BESTEVER 125 (Art. TNSB125D)

High quality diamond wheel for dry cutting of various porcelain tiles and natural stone. Diameter: 125 mm; Bore: 22.23 mm; Segment Height: 10 mm; Art: TNSB125D

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The BATTIPAV BESTEVER 125 diamond blade is designed for direct cutting of common tiles made of porcelain, gres and natural stone (marble, granite). BESTEVER range of discs provides the highest cut quality at high cutting speeds. The wheel is designed for dry cutting with an angle grinder. Holes in the disc improve cooling. The blade is not suitable for angled cuts – for JOLLY edges!

Technical parameters:

Wheel diameter: 125 mm
Inner diameter: 22,23 mm
Segment height: 10 mm
Max. speed: 13300 rpm.

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