RUBI SUPERPRO 64XR10 M14 Diamond Semi-Arc Cutter (Ref. 52939)

RUBI diamond cutter for grinding in the shape of a semicircle; designed for creating an arc on the edges of tiles; Outside diameter: 50 mm; Max. Thickness: 20 mm; Fitting: M14; Ref: 52939

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Diamond cutter RUBI is designed to create semi-arches on the edges of tiles, for example for skirting boards, worktops, stairs, pool edges, etc. The cutter is particularly suitable for tiles made of porcelain and natural stone. In addition to these, the cutter can also be used for tiles made of other materials. The maximum tile thickness is 20 mm. Thanks to the high-quality diamonds, their vacuum deposition and perfect shape, the cutter allows you to efficiently achieve a precise and high-quality result. It is intended for dry grinding with an angle grinder. The ideal speed for achieving high grinding quality is in the range of 6000 – 8000 per minute.

Technical parameters:

Outer diameter of cutter: 50 mm
Rounding: R10
Max. Tile thickness: 20 mm
Mounting: M14
Recommended speed: 6 000 – 8 000 rpm
Maximum speed: 14 000 rpm

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