RUBI FORAGRES Diamond crown 120 mm (Ref. 04977)

Diameter 120 mm. Up to 60 drillings.

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The 120 mm diameter FORAGRES diamond drill bit from RUBI is designed for drilling holes in various high hardness materials. Wet drilling or water-cooled drilling is recommended. The drilling depth is 33 mm. The life of Foragres drill bits is three times longer than that of Easygres bits, but depends on the handling and hardness of the material. The crown is laser welded to ensure its rigidity. For drilling you only need an ordinary drill or a cordless drill without a tap. The drill can drill an average of 60 holes. The maximum speed for using the FORAGRES drill is 450 rpm.

The package contains a drill bit with a diameter of 120 mm.

Order Number: 04977.

ATTENTION – when drilling into the substrate (glue, concrete, brick, etc.), the drill bit is subject to significant wear and the service life decreases significantly! It is best to use this drill bit to drill through hard tiling or tiles and then continue with the vidi drill bit – but without a tap! In this way, you save the cost of diamond drill bits and increase the speed of work.


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