RUBI DRYGRES PREMIUM Diamond crown 10 mm (Ref. 06919)

RUBI DRYGRES PREMIUM high quality diamond drill bit designed for dry drilling in hard tiles. Diameter: 10 mm; Clamping: M14; Ref: 06919

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The RUBI DRYGRES PREMIUM 10 mm diamond drill bit is designed for drilling holes in hard ceramic tiles, it is also suitable for drilling holes in natural stone (e.g. granite, marble). It is designed for dry drilling with an angle grinder or with a drill using a reduction. Thanks to the vacuum welding in production and the use of high-quality materials with high diamond density, its advantages are high drilling speed and extra long service life. The crown diameter is 10 mm.

There is a cavity in the centre of the crown which is filled with wax. During drilling, the wax begins to melt due to the rising temperature and thus ensures lubrication and cooling of the drill bit. When the wax runs out, it is recommended to replenish it – simply by using a candle. Adequate pressure must be applied to the crown when drilling, as excessive pressure can overheat the crown and destroy it.

Technical parameters:

Diameter: 10 mm
Drilling depth: 30 mm
Use: angle grinder
Max. speed: 14 000 rpm.
Mounting: M14
Drilling: dry drilling
Cooling: by wax

Improvements of the DRYGRES PREMIUM series compared to the DRYGRES series:

faster drilling
more than 2 times longer service life
improved cooling with side vents (Ø 20-85 mm)
Crown with interrupted segments (Ø 43-85 mm)


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