BATTIPAV Diamond crown 6 mm (Art. CD06D)

Battipav diamond crown designed for dry drilling holes in porcelain and natural stone tiles. Diameter: 6 mm; Designed for drill. Drilling depth: 30 mm; Art: CD06D

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The BATTIPAV diamond crown is designed for dry drilling in porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles (e.g. marble or granite). The crown can be drilled to a depth of 30 mm. It is attached with a hexagon to a cordless or electric drill. The optimum drilling speed is 1000-2500 rpm. The crown contains wax for cooling and cleaning while drilling. The wax can be easily refilled.

Technical parameters:
Diameter: 6 mm

Max. Drilling depth: 30 mm

Working speed: 1000-2500 rpm.

Use: drill

Fixing: 6-edge

Cooling: by wax

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