RUBI Mixer L-120 FI for liquid mixtures Ø120 mm (Ref. 76905)

Mixer diameter: 120 mm; Length: 600 mm; Recommended mixing weight: 15-40 kg; Mounting: FAST-IN adapter. Ref: 76905

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The RUBI L-120 FI mixer with a120 mm diameter whisk is designed for mixing wet, liquid mixtures with low density. The mixer is special because of its attachment with the FAST-IN adapter and is fully compatible with the RUBIMIX-16 ERGOMAX or RUBIMIX-E 10 ENERGY mixers. With the FAST-IN adapter(Ref: 76907) you can also use it for other stirrers with M14 attachment. The FAST-IN adapter allows the mixer to be quickly and easily attached to the agitator without the use of tools, thus increasing work efficiency. For even greater mixing efficiency, the mixer has an improved blade shape for better mixing of the mixture without bubbles and splashing. It is made of high quality materials for the longest possible life of the mixer.

Technical parameters:

Diameter: 120 mm
Length: 600 mm
Mixed mixture weight: 15-40 kg
Mounting: FAST-IN
Number of blades: 2
FAST-IN/M14 adapter can be purchased

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