RUBI Cellulose sponge EPOXY MIX SUPERPRO (Ref. 22929)

RUBI cleaning sponge with two different surfaces, also suitable for chemicals; Dimensions: 170 x 100 mm; Thickness: 50 mm. Ref. 22929

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RUBI SUPERPRO MIXED cleaning sponge is designed for cleaning various surfaces after construction work. The sponge is composed of two different materials that provide different functions. The first side of the sponge (red) is made of flexible porous polyurethane foam, which is suitable for general surface cleaning. It has a coarser texture with a low fluid absorption rate. The other side of the sponge (yellow) is made of cellulose. It has a high level of resistance and fluid absorption and is suitable for cleaning chemicals, solvent materials and epoxy joints.

The dimensions of the sponge are 170 x 100 mm. The thickness of the sponge is 50 mm.

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