RUBI Tile Cutter TQ-75 (Ref. 14908)

Max. cutting length: 750 mm; Max. tile dimension for diagonal cut: 530 x 530 mm.

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The RUBI TQ-75 professional handheld cutter is designed for heavy-duty and intensive cutting of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and sintered tiles (gres) up to 75 cm long. The cutting head uses a patented self-aligning bearing system for smooth and precise operation. It also uses a unique magnetic breaker system that provides excellent visibility when cutting, slicing and separating with one hand, speeding up your work.

The breaking mechanism with a force of up to 800 kg is designed for tiles with a thickness of 5-15 mm. The cutter includes a handy ruler that can be easily adjusted to the desired angle up to 45° based on a prepared angle template in the base of the cutter. For cutting larger tiles, the cutter is equipped with 1 adjustable side support. The side stop for straight and 45° repeating cuts can be used on both sides of the ruler. Improved ergonomics and speed of work are enhanced by a rubberised handle with one-handed cutting and breaking control, cushioned tables, durable and lightweight steel and aluminium construction and a carry handle. The cutter is supplied with a RUBI Plus Extreme 22 mm cutting wheel.

Technical parameters:

Straight cut length: 750 mm
Diagonal cut – max. paving dimension: 530 x 530 mm
Max. Material thickness: 5 – 15 mm
Breaking force: 800 kg
Has: 1 side support
Package includes: 22 mm cutting wheel
Cutting direction: pushing
Cutter weight: 12,7 kg

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