KAUFMANN Diamond crown 35 mm with guide mandrel (Ref. 26.200.02)

Kaufmann diamond drill bit with 35 mm diameter and guide mandrel, for wet drilling in ceramics, marble and granite; Ref: 26.200.02

48,69  (38,95  without VAT)

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The Kaufmann professional diamond crown with a diameter of 35 mm is designed for wet drilling of hard materials such as ceramic, marble or granite tiles. Thanks to the use of tungsten carbide, the centre guide drill bit has a long service life. It is recommended to drill at a maximum speed of 150 rpm with water cooling without tapping. The crown is not intended for drilling into masonry!

Use a sponge dampened with water to cool the diamond crown. The life of the drill bit is limited for granite and porcelain tiles (from abrasion resistance No. 4) to 3 – 5 holes.

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